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    2018 seasons
    April 1st 2018-19 fishing license required
    April 14th Spring Turkey Season Opens
    June 2th and 3th free fishing days

    Aug  31 Pronghorn Bow and Moutain lion season opens
    Sept 1st Dove season opener
    Sept 8th Sharptail, Patridge,  Ruffed Grouse, Squirrle Season opens  
    Sept 22th Early Resident Waterfowl season opener
    Sept 29th Regular Waterfowl season opener 
    Oct 5th Pronghorn Gun season opener
    Oct 6th pheasant season opener, non-resident on private land only
    Oct 13th Non-resident state wide pheasant and fall Turkey season opens
    Oct 27th Mink, muskrat, and weasel Trapping season opener
    Nov 9th Deer Gun season opener
    Nov 30th Deer Muzzleloader season opener
    Dec 1st Darkhouse Spearfishing season opener
    Dec29th and 30th free fishing days

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      Well here we are in another new year. 2017 was a mixed bag, last winter fishing was a little slow, summer fishing was pretty good. Then our cafe closed and that really put us at a disadvantage, the cafe opened up in the fall, then there wasn't much for pheasants, because of they ice last winter that starved them out. The duck hunting was good, and the goose hunting was good, the snow geese hung around forever. Deer hunting went pretty good.

      Now we are into winter fishing again, there is plenty of ice now, it was a little slow setting up this year as we had such a warm fall, but now we have plenty of ice, I was out today and I don't think I have seen ice ridges that large that early before. Checking the lakes out today it looks like Dry is being fished pretty hard. I didn't get. up to Green or over to Coldwater so don't know about them. Some of the smaller perch lakes had a few houses on them.

      Don't have to worry about snow yet we only have enough to make the grass white, fields are still all open. (good for pheasants)

      Had 5 guys in this weekend for last minute pheasants, they seemed to have done pretty well, but I did'nt count the carcasses.

      Want to try your luck at fishing or coyote hunting give me a call, or e-mail.


         e-mail ashleybunkhouse@drtel.net  Or call 701-288-3198 or Cell  701-710-0602

​​​​​​​           Thanks hope to see you this fall     Vern 

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